V-Tech, Inc.
Utility Construction


Meeting the Underground Utility Needs
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Power
  • Sewer
  • Telecom
  • Water
V-Tech, Inc. got it's start in the telecom industry and has been able to impose these installation methods to the oilfield industry and the energy field. Not to mention gas, water, and sewer. From the largest of cities (Atlanta, Miami, San Antonio, New Orleans) to the smallest of towns, V-Tech, Inc. has encountered numerous working conditions without failure. As technologies and philosophies change in the underground utility world, V-Tech, Inc. has been able to adapt. You will find our management style flexible and easy to deal with. We will meet your next challenging project with a confident and capable team.
"We received a nice compliment, about the great service our customer received from your crew, Bryan Miles, Dillon Helms, and Gary Hayden.  They wanted to give a big thanks to the crew for getting their problem repaired. 
I am always glad to receive a compliment like this.
Thank you for giving DEMCO a positive image with our members.  Keep up the good work!

Vice President, Engineering and Operations  7-31-2013